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Clarendon Lodge N° 8023 is one of Staffordshire's many Lodges of Freemasons.  It was founded in 1965 as a Daughter Lodge from Boscobel N° 6415.

The Warrant for the Lodge was issued on 10th February 1965 and the Lodge was Consecrated on 10th May 1965.

It first met at the Masonic Hall, 211 Tettenhall Road, Woverhampton but has been meeting at the Perton Park Golf Club since October 2012.


Its members are from all walks of life - and include brethren not only from the surrounding areas of Wolverhampton but even from far afield in the United Kingdom and overseas.

The name of Clarendon was chosen from the title of Edward Hyde, the First Earl of Clarendon, who attained that honour in 1661 after the restoration of the Monarchy in the person of Charles II.


A leaflet on the History of the Lodge can be downloaded in pdf format here pdf logo


Taken from the Summons at the Consecration:

  "On several occasions during the last few years mention had been made that Boscobel Lodge 6415 should give consideration to the forming of a Daughter Lodge.

  After many discussions it was decided to go ahead and found one.  Then as a name would be needed for this purposed new lodge, the founders agreed that it should have an historical background.

  In Wolverhampton we have lodges already in being with the names:- Victoriaa, Prince of Wales, and Boscobel.  Many names were suggested, and the one which was finally agreed upon was CLARENDON.

  Clarendon, who was the guardian of the Prince of Wales, later to become Charles II was connected with Boscobel, so giving us the historical background we required.  Edward Hyde, 1st Earl of Clarendon was born in Wiltshire in 1609, he became a lawyer via Oxford.  He married well, built up a very wealthy practice and entered Parliament in 1640.  He became a close adviser to Charles I.  He was a great lover of the Volume of the Sacred Law and held a similar respect for Common Law.

  The period 1645-1651 witnessed the execution of Charles the first, and also the Prince of Wales naval adventures.

  It culminated in the latter's desparate attempt to claim his crown by military endeavour.  His enterprise fell short at his defeat at Worcester in September, 1691.

  From here on followed the sequel of a dramatic game of hide and seek with his final escape at Boscobel which forms one of the best remembered episodes of his adventures.

  Hyde, who carefully nurtured by influence in England, the idea of the restoration of the Monarchy and so controlled Charles' attitudes and actions, in order to gain back the English people to his side.

  In 1660 the nation welcomed their princely protege as King Charles II and at his Coronation in 1661 the faithful servant Edward Hyde received his Earldom and was made principal Minister of State until 1667.  He lost favour with the king and condemned by Parliament he fled to Rouen where he died in 1674.

  Clarendon by this time had been a famous man whose virtues were highly commended by all men of just and upright thinking.  This Lodge which bears his name was Consecrated by the Provincial Grand Master for Staffordshire, R.W. Bro. Major H. Wilson Keys, M.C., T.D., on May 10th, 1965."



Clarendon Lodge Banner 


 Clarendon Lodge 8023 Banner 


The Clarendon Banner was Dedicated by the Provincial Grand Master for Staffordshire, R.W. Bro. Major H. Wilson Keys, M.C., T.D., on 17th October, 1966.


The Coronet displayed on the Banner signifies the Earldom of Clarendon from whence the name of the Lodge was derived.

The Woolsack is a reference to the office of the Lord Chancellor of England held by the first Earl after the restoration of Charles II.

The Oak Leaf and Acorn refer to the connection with Boscobel Lodge, our Mother Lodge.

The Square and Compasses at the top centre of the Banner depict Freemasonry.

The Stafford knot at the bottom centre indicates the Province of Staffordshire and the Pillars represent the success and achievement of our founding Brethren in the formation of the Lodge.






Clarendon Lodge N° 1166, Cheshire  1867
Clarendon Guardian Lodge N° 1769, London - erased in 2009  1878
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Clarendon Lodge N° 5908, Wiltshire 1945
Clarendon Lodge N° 8023, Staffordshire  1965
Clarendon Lodge N° 8828, Oxfordshire    1978
Clarendon Lodge N° 9228, Warwickshire  1987





Clarendon Lodge N° 700 - Clarendon - Texas USA                                          1890

Clarendon Lodge Kilwinning N° 1427 - Clarendon - District of Jamaica SC

Clarendon Lodge N° 7041 - Johannesburg - District of South Africa North EC    1950 



  1932 English freemasonry short newsreel film


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